Nov 15, 2012
ISACA Luncheon Meeting

Privacy by Design by Ann Geyer

Feb 5, 2013
ACI Privacy & Security Law Conference

HIPAA Audits by Ann Geyer

Feb 6, 2013
Security Benchmarking
by Ann Geyer

Feb to June 2013
IT Governance

Bill Pankey repeats his popular CGEIT/CRISC prep class



For over a decade, Tunitas Group has helped healthcare organizations optimize their investments in information technology.  We provide comprehensive services and knowlegeable guidance to identify and communicate corporate objectives, measure and reduce risks, establish performance metrics, and deliver anticipated results.  Our consultants understand healthcare operations and are experts in applying information technologies to improve business and clinical processes.

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Let us manage your breach notification response

Are you prepared?

At any time you may be faced with a potential breach of confidential information. Do you know when a breach is reportable, to whom and in what manner? Can you respond rapidly to meet mandatory reporting and notification periods?

Tunitas Managed Breach Response allows your compliance, legal, and security professionals to rapidly process breach events and make time critical decisions in an effective manner. Learn more.

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Tunitas Group consultants participate in a number of industry forums, standards development bodies, professional associations, and advisory panels as Health IT experts. View our latest advice on trends, issues, and best practices here.